ZorroFest Archive

Farewell to El Zorro!

Well amigos the one they call “el Zorro” has disappeared as silently and mysteriously as he arrived. Word has it that we should expect not to see him again until the same weekend next year.  He enjoyed all the attention directed his way with more than one pretty lady seen to swoon in his arms. He was quite taken with the Mexican repast held in his honour at D’Lush Cafe and admits to getting through more Sol beers than was good for him. The masked one had nothing but praise for the band Mariachi San Patricio who he described as “the most authentic purveyors of Mexican folk music in Ireland”. He went on to say that he was blown away by teen rock band Thunderstruck who played Charlotte Street on el cinco de Mayo. Mr. Zorro’s last engagement of the weekend was to start ‎”La Carrera del Zorro”, the 5 mile run at Raven Woods, on Sunday morning. Then with a swish of his cape he was gone.

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