About Wexford's ZorroFest

Wexford Zorrofest 2015

This year Wexford Zorrofest celebrates William Lamport’s 400th Birthday Anniversary. If he was around today William would be dancing his socks off into the small hours on Charlotte Street, glorying in the oohs and aahs of the ladies, and ever-ready to draw on the first buck to get between him and the prettiest of them. No doubt he would be railing against the taxes being heaped on the heads of the poor and down-trodden and giving a voice to the disaffected. He would likely have long flowing locks not unlike a certain Independent TD in this neck of the woods! Local radio man Alan Corcoran would turn to him as the embodiment of the true spirit of Wexford. Vincent Browne would love him. Miriam would flash her big eyes at him and sigh agreeably at his sweet words. And woe betide anyone getting the wrong side of him on panel discussions – they would feel more than the sting of his words.

If William was to stroll down Main Street on May Bank Holiday Saturday he would no doubt marvel at the number of jesters and other makers of merriment he would encounter at every turn. For while this weekend is dedicated to him, and the Zorro character he inspired, it is also JestFest weekend – Wexford’s first ever comedy and street theatre festival. We think he might be rather pleased at Wexford making such a big effort to celebrate his birthday!

The spirit of Zorro lives on.


Saturday May 2th
11:00 ……Walking History Tour of 17th Century Wexford with Wexford Historical Society
(Meeting point Wexford Arts Centre 10:50)
11:00 ……William: the Poet who was once a Pirate.
Saturday Art Club for Children at Wexford Arts Centre.
12:15…….2 Many Dance Moves*
Where are you? Youth Dance Company County Wexford
Aren’t I going to be me? Young Moves

13:00 …….Flamenco Guitarist Angel Lejarza – The Bullring
15:00 …….Mariachi & Folkloric Dancers – The Bullring
Featuring Mariachi Band San Patricio & The Mexican Folkloric Dance Troupe Galway
16:00 …….Mexican Cookery Demo at D’Lush Cafe @ Wexford Arts Centre*

*These two events have a ticket cost, for details please contact Wexford Arts Centre

Zorrofest Grog and Grub
Mexican Fare will be on offer at various restaurants and bars throughout the town

Friday May 8th
18:00 ……..Commemorating William Lamport
Symposia with historians Andrea Martínez, Mercedes de Vega, Fabio Troncarelli and Thomas O’Connor
Wexford County Council HQ, Carriglawn, Wexfordz

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