About ZorroFest, Wexford

Did you know that the legend of Zorro, the swarthy swashbuckling hero, was inspired by a red-bearded Irishman from Wexford? The story of William Lamport, the young man behind the myth, has been hidden for centuries in the Mexican Inquisition’s archives, only coming to light in the last quarter of the 2oth century.

Zorrofest celebrates the memory of William Lamport, born in Wexford town in 1611, and the daring exploits of El Zorro. El regreso del Zorro to his roots will bring a Mexican and Iberian feel to the streets of Wexford town this May bank holiday weekend.

Read about ZorroFest on The Gathering website for Co Wexford: http://disq.us/8cnx7v 

Twitter: @WexfordZorro

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