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Wexford Celebrates Cinco del Mayo, Zorro and all things Mexican!

“There is a saying, a very old saying: when the pupil is ready the master will appear. ” Don Diego de la Vega (The Mask Of Zorro, 1998)

Gringos, this May bank holiday weekend “El Zorro” will take to the streets of Wexford. Our masked and caped hero will be on the town keeping an eye out for the common man and seeing off evil-doers!

And why, you ask, would this swashbuckling righter of wrongs be abroad on the streets of Wexford you ask. Ah, well here’s the thing: bet you did not know that the reason the legend of “El Zorro” came into being in the first place is all thanks to one William Lamport of Wexford.  Yes folks, among the many things we have contributed to the World we can boast of providing the man credited with providing the inspiration for Zorro. You can read all about his fascinating life story elsewhere on this blog. And while we are at it we will also be celebrating all things Mexican. Why? Well Mexico is where Lamport spent twenty years of his life, where he was one of the first to push for an independent Mexico, and where he ended his days. The date May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) is also a big festival day in Mexico. On this day 150 years ago (1862) the Mexicans, against the odds, achieved a famous victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. Not that we have anything against the French!

The “El regreso del Zorro” weekend will have exhibitions, readings, live Mariachi music, a Mexican-themed market, art, children’s events, a fun run and more. D’Lush Cafe at Wexford Arts Centre is hosting a Mexican dinner on Friday, May 4. The fabulous Mariachi San Patricio band perform outdoors on Charlotte Street (Sat, 5pm) and at The Sky & The Ground (Sat, 10pm).

One reply on “Wexford Celebrates Cinco del Mayo, Zorro and all things Mexican!”
Mexican ambassador takes a Wexford tour:
In 1615 William Lamport, better know as ‘Zorro’ was born in Wexford to a family of Catholic seafarers and eventually went on to become a leading figure in the Mexican war of independence against Spain.
‘While our countries may have little in common in terms of land mass and population, we do share a historical and cultural connection,’ said Mr. Garcia Del Alba. ‘Many Irish soldiers fought in Mexico for our independence, in particular Wexford man William Lamport or ‘Zorro’ as he is known. On behalf of the people of Mexico I would like to thank Wexford for its contribution to Mexico’s independence.’

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